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Key to winning in HeroClix:


Use someone (like Quicksilver or Fantomex) to go over and kill that shithead Splitlip.

You’re welcome.

Truer words were never spoken.


Goddamnit Tony.

Happy Guardians of the Galaxy release day!

Magic vs. Heroclix

Even more from Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Beyonder!

More Guardians of the Galaxy previews!



The chases from War of Light are a terrible idea. Game mechanics that powerful should not be limited to people who get lucky in sealed events and people who can drop $200 on eBay.

Anonymous asked: Yes we do.


I assume you mean, need another Iron Man figure. lol. Fair enough.

These are all my Iron Man figures. I dont even have any from the actual Iron man set that came out earlier this year.

I just have a feeling there are going to be cool characters they could have done, but didnt, and made another Iron man instead.

Actually, that black Iron Man with the blue stripes was from Invincible Iron Man…