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Custom HeroClix time! Gonna modify this old Peter Parker into Walter White. He is a hero, right? Anyway, shouldn’t take much work. I’ll post pics of the model and dial when I finish.

You should totally do WW in the tighty-whiteys.

The Flash set has been officially announced!  Look for it in November 2014!  Sub themes include the Rogues and the Authority!

Deadpool preview - Speed Demon and the Whizzer!

Guardians of the Galaxy promo pics from Game Trade Magazine!


Sinestro Corps preview from the upcoming War of Light event!

DoFP preview - The Blob!

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One: Mechanicalchaser!

Deadpool preview - Colleen Wing and Misty Knight!

My dream Hawkeye.  
Okay…This looks bad: Hawkeye can use Leap/Climb and Running Shot.  When Hawkeye has 0 or 1 action tokens, He can use Stealth.Cowboying Around: Leap/ClimbJust gonna make a mess then: ChargeHeeeeey tracksuit: FlurryBoomerang Arrow: Precision StrikeAcid Arrow: When Hawkeye hits an opposing character with a ranged attack, before damage is dealt, hit characters use Earthbound/Neutralized and Toughness instead of Invulnerability, Impervious, or Invincible until the beginning of your next turn.Bolo Arrow: Incapacitate Guys got, what, armor, magic, super-powers: Hawkeye can use Energy Shield/Deflection and Super Senses.I think my concussions are getting concussions: ToughnessBetter gessomemore guys: Combat ReflexesRocket Arrow: Ranged Combat ExpertTracer Arrow: EnhancementIt’s okay, everybody.  I’m an Avenger: When turning the dial, if this power is revealed due to damage taken from an opponents attack, stop turning the dial.  Hawkeye ignores all damage dealt to him until the beginning of your next turn.  This power cannot be countered or ignored.Are you, like, Iron Fist or something?: Shape Change


I just wanna eat pizza and play heroclix.